Over 65s Tennis


At Wallington Tennis Club

Funded by National Lottery, run by Wallington Tennis Club in partnership with Sportworks

Starting Thursday 29th February

Walington Tennis Club

We are delighted to offer these FREE, funded, tennis sessions for Over 65s at Wallington Tennis Club (Hillside Gardens, Wallington SM6 9NX). Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and coached by Karl Stowell. Everyone is welcome – there are 2 sessions available to choose from and the benefits are………….

Thursday 11am

Tennis for beginners

This will be an  introduction to tennis basics, with the objective of building  fundamental tennis skills in a supportive and relaxed environment, with a  focus on building strength, preventing falls, and improving stamina.

Whatever your level of tennis, fitness or health, you are welcome to this session – however it is not a rehab session, so if you have a serious injury or health condition which prevents you from walking, this will not be quite the right session for you.

Sessions are 11am-12pm on the tennis court, followed by refreshments amd socialising in the clubhouse.

See more info and how to sign up below.

Thursday 12pm

Social Tennis Session

This session is for you if you’ve played tennis before. We’ll mix around and play lots of social games of tennis. Don’t worry about your level of tennis – if you think you can play a basic game, this session is for you.

Sessions are 12-1pm on the tennis court, followed by refreshments amd socialising in the clubhouse.

See more info and how to sign up below.


over 65s tennis wallington


No - it's very laid back. After you've come along once to try it out, you'll be on the list of participants and you can then just turn up any time that the session is on. There is no committment at all. We'll keep you informed about when the sessions are on.


Absolutely not - these sessions are for everyone. If you are new to tennis or just worried about your level, you can opt for the 11am session. If you feel like playing social tennis is for you, join the 12pm. You can always switch sessions.

Note: the exception is if you have a serious injury or health condition. These sessions are not designed to provide rehab or medical care. Feel free to contact us if you're not sure.


Yes 100%. We are delighted to have obtained funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, which means that the sessions are completely free, including refreshments afterwards.


Basically for the whole of 2024. But that doesn't mean you have to commit to that. You can attend as much or little as you like. There will be 40 sessions in total. We'll keep you informed about the dates.


Please do. Contact us HERE.


Karl is an LTA Qualified and Accredited tennis coaching with 30 years experience. See Karl's profile HERE. Karl is Head Tennis Coach at Sutton Tennis & Squash Club, but also set up a Tennis Coaching business called Sutton Tennis Coaching (STC) in partnership with fellow coach, Liam Rabbitte. STC is proud to now be the provider of tennis coaching for Sutton Tennis & Squash Club, Sutton Highfields Tennis & Petanque Club and Wallington Tennis Club, where these sessions are taking place.

Yes, you can join any time!

Simply fill in the form below. We'll then get in touch with you to invite you along and tell you more.


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Note: filling in this form will not commit you to anything, it simply registers your interest. We'll then contact you to invite you along.

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